Marketing social media tactics boost holiday sales

Tis the season for holiday sales!

Shoppers are flocking online in search of gift giving ideas. According to Mashable, “65% of shoppers tap social media looking for the perfect gift and two out of three shoppers purchased a gift they found via social media.”

So what are the best ways to cash in on seasonal sales with your business?

Whether you are a service-based business or sell products, heres some suggestions to get in the spirit with holiday sales.

1)Learn from the Ghost of Christmas Past
Look at metrics from last years holiday sales. What products were bestsellers? Which promotions created the biggest lift in sales? What special offers were a total bomb?

Discover what worked and didnt so you can capitalize on it when you plan this years promotions.

2)Make a Holiday Social Media Cover Image
Decorate your social media business pages with a specially designed cover image. Its the perfect place to announce special holidays promotions and deals.

Be sure to create one for all of your social media accounts.

3)Use Holiday Hashtags
Twitter shoppers may use hashtags to find their next purchase. So take advantage of hashtags to get discovered.

Some popular hashtags include: #blackFriday, #diy, #holidayssavings, #stockingstuffers, #holidays, #Christmas, #Hannukah, #Kwanzaa, #NewYears

Need ideas? Heres 106 Hashtags for the Holiday Season

4)Create Social Media Graphics for Promos and Deals
Everyone loves getting a great deal when holiday shopping. Make festive graphics promoting special promotions that make purchasing the perfect item irresistible.

Deals can include:

one day only,
limited quantity sales,
buy-one-get-one free,
special discounts or holiday coupons.

Consider offering a “12 days of Christmas” promotion with a special deal each day!
Canva makes it easy to make custom holiday social media graphics.

5)Boost Sales with Free Shipping
Consider offering free shipping for holidays gifts. Create highly visible buttons or banners promoting it on your website.

Or you can boost the order size by offering free shipping on orders over a bigger dollar amount such as $100.

Studies show that shipping costs are one of the biggest deterrents to making a purchase online so this one tactic could result in big returns for you.

6)Offer Gift Ideas
Holiday shopping can be frustrating when you dont know what to buy for the person who has everything. Youll want to promote your bestselling gifts.

Make gift buying easy by sharing gift suggestions like:

5 gifts for mom,
10 gifts grandparents love,
5 gift ideas for tech savvy teens etc.

Then offer links to purchase each of the items you mention on your blog and on social media.

Better yet, if you have a blog, write articles based on these topics and refer to your products within the article with links back to the purchase page.

7)Write Reviews
If you offer one of the hot new products of the season, consider writing and posting a review about it on your blog. In this review you could mention your own offerings that would be a great gift accompaniment.

As an example, do a review of the top three smart phone accessories for Mom this Christmas and share pictures of them with a red bow on them along with a side-by-side features comparison. Then mention how your offerings go great with these gift ideas while including links to purchase.

You could also incorporate your Amazon affiliate link for those products

8)Suggest Stocking Stuffer Ideas
Help idea stumped shoppers by offering suggestions for small items for everyone on their shopping list!

Write a blog post with the hottest stocking stuffers for the season. Share daily stocking stuffer ideas on social media using hashtags like: #beststockingstuffers2016 #cheapstockingstuffers #stockingstuffersforwomen

9)Reward Loyal Customers
Offer to give a $100 Gift Card to a randomly selected customer caught posting a picture or video with your product on social media. Set up a campaign having them use a special hash tag like #christmascountdown.

This can help your promotional campaigns to go viral as customers share on their timeline and family/friends see their post.

10)Share Holiday Spirit
Connect to the spirit of the holidays in your customers hearts. Engage your customers by asking them their favourite holiday tradition.

Get people to interact with your brand by asking them to share:
a.Their most-loved family recipes from Thanksgiving or another holiday event.
b.What their most loved Christmas song is.
c.DYI Christmas decorating tips.
d.Easy gift wrapping suggestions.

Max International Business Scam – Are We All Being Taken

If you look around all over the internet, there has been really a lot of hype around the Max International business in the last year or so. However, is all the buzz and hype with it and MaxGXL really worth it and is this a legitimate opportunity or just a scam?

OK, so starting at the beginning, what is the Max International Business all about and

All of which sounds excellent, but lets take a closer look at the Max International product line and what they specifically sell. The main product is MaxGXL and that contains glutathione, which aides and improves energy levels, detoxifies your body, and boosts your natural immune system.

Now, take a look at the Max International compensation plan. Overall, it has nine key tiers of payout, to include: retail profits, preferred customer commissions, FastTrack commissions, team commissions, 7 level matching bonus, bonuses for ranks advancement, a global bonus pool, and a bonus car program. Overall, at the core though, it really looks like a pretty normal network marketing opportunity pay plan.

Is Max International really just a scam? No, not at all. It seems to be an up and coming company with a very distinct product line and a good payout plan for its distributors.

But, as is the case with any MLM opportunity, the real deal for the Max International business will be the marketing that its distributors do. That really is the way things become successful, even if they have the latest and greatest products and the best compensation plan.

If you are a Max International business builder, I highly suggest you learn how to effectively market either the business or product in order to be really successful. Learn something like pay per click marketing, electronic magazine ads, or video marketing. This is what creates prospects, leads and downlines.

If you would like to learn more about building your Max International business, read below and click on the link for more information.

MET-2 Edge Prep System – Consumer’s Guide

Today, it’s a standard for companies that employ the use of precision cutting equipment to use devices to keep the tools honed, sharpened, and performing at their peak levels. The reason this is so important is that a tool that is not optimally honed is going to suffer from sub-par performance that could compromise a sensitive operation. Devices like the MET-2 Edge Prep System and others are designed to be used by companies that wish to regularly hone their tools without hiring an outside contractor to individually hone each item. In addition, some companies will use these devices to professionally offer their own honing services.

When seeking out a device like the MET-2 Edge Prep System, it’s important to make sure that it’s fully designed to handle a variety of different materials that your tools are made out of. Common types of instruments that are used in precision crafting include carbide that may come in the form of everything from reamers to drills and saws. This is a very hard material that requires special attention when it’s being honed, and a consumer should make sure that the brushes of their edge preparation machine are outfitted with materials like ceramic and diamond that are capable of honing high-end tools.

In addition to many standard tools, there are also rotational tools that sometimes require specific dimensions of the edge preparation system in order to hone, so it’s important to make sure your device is compatible for all variety of drills and saws. A system with a limited scope of shape and size of tools, or without full control over the length of the part, will reduce functionality and could create problems down the road. Also, when seeking devices like the MET-2 Edge Prep System or other models, it’s important to examine the functionality and ask yourself if it’s possible to train employees to use it easily.

Having a device like a MET-2 Edge Prep system or any other type of edge preparation machine within the quarters of a business provides the advantage of not having to contract with another company for services when your tools need honing. Continually outsourcing this endeavor can be expensive, and in the long-term simply owning the machinery could actually save money. In addition, properly honed tools may reduce the amount of time before they need to be replaced, and also reduce the cost of manufacturing, thus helping a business save additional dollars, and perform at their best level possible.

MLM Mentors How To Choose Your Best Mentor

A good MLM mentor can make the difference between failure, success, and huge results for most people involved in network marketing. Selecting the right mentor is a critical choice a new networker makes. I have taught networkers for years that the choice of a mentor is even more important than the choice of which particular company to join!

Sadly, a lot of people in network marketing do not have a good mentor. I usually see several reasons for this.

One of the major reasons is that most people who are new to mlm just don’t realize how important their choice of a mentor is. Another is that many network marketers don’t take the time to choose wisely. Perhaps it’s the hype and excitement of the business. Maybe they are in too big of a hurry to get started. But, the most common reason is that the most networkers are not sure what they need in a good mlm mentor.

Here are the key qualities of a good mentor.

A good mentor will have experience in the business. He or she will be able to coach you both offline and online. Find out exactly how you will be coached to build your business. Ask about the system you will follow. If they tell you they have an exclusive hot lead source, that’s a red flag. You need someone who can prove they have dominated the Internet.

The right mentor will be easily accessible. You need someone you can get in touch with day or night. When you need help with a prospect to do a 3-way call with during the day and your mentor is at his/her job then, that’s a problem. Join someone who works the business full time. Call your prospective mentor’s office at 10am. If they aren’t available then, see how long it takes them to return your call.

Find a mentor who has a likable personality and leadership qualities. You are going to spend many hours working together over the coming years. Take the time to get to know him/her. They need to have good communication skills, organization skills, and understand how to treat others the right way.

Your network marketing success depends on it. Take your time and partner with a good mlm mentor.