Emergency Preparedness Plan

The word “Disaster” immediately produces in mind violence – of any hurricane or flood or earthquake. It’s only on second considered that the actual impact of any disaster – whatever its cause – becomes clear.

When disaster hits a company with no emergency survival plan, the likelihood is it will mean total shut-down in the business – and job loss for everybody involved.

Even any time a plan is set up, it can be missing an extremely important component: being willing to handle the employees’ concern to the safety and well-being in their loved ones.

This issue so strong that frequently even the most senior all of the employees — with major responsibility for mission critical functions – happen to be known to abandon this company altogether, struggling to acquire home to save family from imagined chaos or danger.

With key personnel gone, whilst the building is standing, the end result can be exactly the same – total shut-down.

Is there an answer?

After an occupation of dealing with small (and larger) businesses, along with the past fifteen years helping build and lead the local neighborhood emergency preparedness team, we presume there IS an answer.

In our opinion, the perfect solution is the coordination or perhaps “integration” of communities. This might be achieved when…

Company management, staff and employees have got all been Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) trained.
The company has produced its emergency preparedness plan round the CERT model and the specially-trained employees.
All employees’ family members happen to be encouraged as well as supported to get the same CERT training.

The ideal extension in this concept could well be for each on the employee’s residential neighborhoods to also become CERT-trained communities – which we should acknowledge is undoubtedly an unlikely possibility.

Nevertheless the mere fact of knowing their loved ones are prepared for major emergencies would enable employees to stay at their work stations longer, improving the company take immediate steps to defend important data and equipment to preserve the company – and income.

It’s a win/win if this can be accomplished. And even but only if part in the solution might be implemented, the business will be in a greater place to withstand or maybe prevent business interruption.

It all starts off with emergency preparedness plans for neighborhood and/or business. Such plans are NOT challenging to develop in the many resources which is available from government sources and dedicated authors. But there’s urgency which will get started now:

Emergencies can and do happen. Without a plan, they are able to turn into disasters.
Your planning needs to take place BEFORE the emergency strikes.

New and inexpensive tools for making the process easy can be obtained. Don’t wait any longer to have started!

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