Becoming A Virtual Assistant

In this current year and age, all things are related to the world wide web. From shopping, banking, bills payment, social interaction, communication each bit of actions we humans do nowadays was somehow for this use of the online world. For several years I had been your very traditional job in retail. However, personal circumstances helped me re-think my current situation. A part of me always feels that traditional jobs within the Philippines are extremely time-consuming. With a standard 48-hour work along with a 1-day off every week, quality time with family and peers seems unlikely. So if work schedules are eating many of our time, can it be after all worthwhile? This question bugged me for many months. Then one day I came across KOM Academy’s Facebook posting for any free seminar on “How to become a Virtual Assistant.” Curious, I immediately inquired and pre-registered with this event. That’s when I seen that there are a lot of opportunities beyond the traditional work place.

What is usually a Virtual Assistant mind you? These are smart individuals offering administrative, creative and technical skills to remote clients. So what taught me to be think this virtual job is kick-ass a lot better than my old job? Reason number one, “I am my boss”! As VA, because they call it, you’re working as an independent contractor to your client. Which means that you won’t work to get a company or perhaps employer, but they outsource that you render them the support they require. About this, about to catch limited to work to get a single client. Hence, another point to consider – more clients, extra income. By this I mean you may are not limiting yourself to one source of income. You have the control to be expanded your financial gains while you deem fit. The third reason, it can be home-based. What is to not love working on the comforts of one’s space? No hassle from commuting, coping with worsening traffic situation from the city, increased transportation expenses, annoying amnesiac office mates who always borrow your things but never bothers to come back them are just a couple to mention.

If there can be a convenience inside environment, time-table is something that is certainly flexible too in this industry. That is the fourth reason I considered engaging into e-commerce. The chance to be given a schedule that may be favorable to your liking is a thing that is highly unknown in traditional jobs. Often you will need to be employed a full-time job to acquire a decent salary. Whereas in VA, even part-time jobs could get you good pay. Mainly because you happen to be paid in line with the quality within your work output and not merely around the number of hours you spent. Furthermore, output-based jobs present more chance workers for getting promoted as evaluation is real-time.

The fifth reason I consider is that this job is rarely boring. As mentioned earlier, VAs provide different service from administrative, to creative and in some cases technical for people highly-skilled individuals much like the programmers. Thus, an expert can present you number of tasks that you are able to explore and hone your talent.

These things cited above are only a few on the factors why I considered being a Virtual Assistant. To have the simplicity of time and put in place your hands is really a privilege that the ordinary worker won’t be able to experience with a traditional work setting. As I complement my journey into marketing ebay, I am awaiting discovering more what to love and get.

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