Commercial Gas Boiling Tables

When you’re within the catering business, you are likely to boil a good deal. This would include water, vegetables and foods. A boiling table you could travel with and connect with gas makes catering functions at different venues an easy task. Here are five kinds of commercial gas boiling tables accessible to caterers.

6 Burner Staggered. This commercial gas boiling table with 6 burners on the staggered surface consists of mild steel and it has high quality fabricated support grates. It uses LPG gas and is also safety approved. This 6 burner option features a robust construction which is suitable for a wide range of pot sizes. For simplicity it has adjustable levelling feet and will be flat packed for transport purposes. This unit doesn’t have any regulator, weighs 58 kilograms and is also 1326 x 614 x 830 millimetres in proportions.
4 Burner Straight. This commercial boiling table has 4 burners using a straight surface. It has precisely the same features since the 6 burner version namely the robust construction, suitability for several sizes of pots, adjustable levelling feet and will be flat packed. This catering equipment weighs 60 kilograms, measures 1748 x 484 x 665 millimetres in dimensions and incorporates a regulator.
4 Burner Staggered. This unit includes 4 burners using a staggered surface, weighs 18 kilograms but doesn’t have a regulator. It measures 904 x 614 x 830 millimetres, is usually LPG safety approved which enables it to be flat packed.
3 Burner Straight. This commercial gas boiling table has 3 burners repeatedly and weighs 54 kilograms. It incorporates a regulator and premium quality fabricated support grates. It is well suited for various sized pots. For travelling purposes it’s can be easily tucked in a vehicle. It is a mid-sized unit that measures 1326 x 484 x 665 millimetres in space.
2 Burner Straight. This is often a conveniently small unit with dimensions at 904 x 484 x 665 millimetres. It weighs 50 kilograms and contains a regulator. It, too, has similar features to your other gas boiling tables when it comes to quality and convenience when travelling.

The commercial gas boiling table is often a beneficial bit of catering equipment to own because it could be packed and transported easily. It comes in various sizes with a varied variety of burners to match your requirements. It is resilient and strong. When you arrive with the venue it might be set up quickly and levelled accordingly. It is well suited for caterers who go different venues for weddings and operations every week.

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