MLM Mentors How To Choose Your Best Mentor

A good MLM mentor can make the difference between failure, success, and huge results for most people involved in network marketing. Selecting the right mentor is a critical choice a new networker makes. I have taught networkers for years that the choice of a mentor is even more important than the choice of which particular company to join!

Sadly, a lot of people in network marketing do not have a good mentor. I usually see several reasons for this.

One of the major reasons is that most people who are new to mlm just don’t realize how important their choice of a mentor is. Another is that many network marketers don’t take the time to choose wisely. Perhaps it’s the hype and excitement of the business. Maybe they are in too big of a hurry to get started. But, the most common reason is that the most networkers are not sure what they need in a good mlm mentor.

Here are the key qualities of a good mentor.

A good mentor will have experience in the business. He or she will be able to coach you both offline and online. Find out exactly how you will be coached to build your business. Ask about the system you will follow. If they tell you they have an exclusive hot lead source, that’s a red flag. You need someone who can prove they have dominated the Internet.

The right mentor will be easily accessible. You need someone you can get in touch with day or night. When you need help with a prospect to do a 3-way call with during the day and your mentor is at his/her job then, that’s a problem. Join someone who works the business full time. Call your prospective mentor’s office at 10am. If they aren’t available then, see how long it takes them to return your call.

Find a mentor who has a likable personality and leadership qualities. You are going to spend many hours working together over the coming years. Take the time to get to know him/her. They need to have good communication skills, organization skills, and understand how to treat others the right way.

Your network marketing success depends on it. Take your time and partner with a good mlm mentor.

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